CNC Area

In 1977 LAVORAZIONI MECCANICHE DALLA VIA SRL was founded with the purpose of performing specialty mechanical work on commission. The company operates in various fields of high technological content providing mechanical work of numerical controlled milling and turning.

Today LAVORAZIONI MECCANICHE DALLA VIA SRL has facilities that encompass an area of approximately 1600 sqm, employs approximately 25 persons and has a production department equipped with 18 machinery and other machinery for complementary workings and a system FASTEMS MLS-LD MULTI-LEVEL composed with 2 machineries for a total of 42 pallets.

In particular, the systems FASTEMS allow flexible production with fast start-ups and quick deliveries, also maintaining a remarkable consistency in quality. This is all due to the integration of a system of automated robots without operator for the processing and the storage and to the use of a special MMS advanced control software which allows rapid installation with minimized production breaks.